Alla Kikinova Law

Alla Kikinova Law Professional Corporation is a boutique local law firm in London, Ontario with focus on family and immigration areas of law. Being a solo lawyer law firm allows us to take a client centered and personal approach, as well as to work individually with each client to obtain the best possible results. Our objective is to ensure that you understand the process from beginning to end such that you are comfortable and well equipped to make necessary decisions throughout the process. Our goal is to reduce the stress of any emotional situation, while at the same time, providing timely and effective legal advice and representation.

Being a part of professional legal community we recognize that there is a large proportion of the population who cannot really afford lawyers to go to the court for them in civil matters and that access to justice is now a critical issue in Canada. We believe that anyone, regardless of their financial situation shall be given opportunity to retain a lawyer if needed. There a few options available for a person who needs a lawyer but is not able to pay full market value for the services. One might submit an application for Legal Aid Ontario, retain a lawyer who agrees to work for reduce rates or use unbundle services, so you can get some advice and assistance without having to pay for a lawyer to do all of the work and take all of the court attendance for you. Whatever option you think is the best for you, we would encourage you to speak with a lawyer initially to learn about your options and what kind of help you can get for what you can reasonably afford. Our firm accepts legal aid certificates for family and immigration matters. We also are participating in JusticeNet program and, in appropriate cases, are able to accept a long term payment plan allowing you to pay for a legal representation without going bankrupt.

All information provided in this cite does not constitute legal advice to you and is provided strictly for informational purposes only. Legal advice pertaining to your particular situation can only be provided to you if we have met with you personally to obtain all pertinent information necessary to give you a legal opinion about your case. If you wish to obtain legal advice, please make an appointment with us for a consultation. No lawyer-client relationship is created by your use of our website or by contacting our office by phone and email. Although we intend for the content of this website to be accurate, complete and current, and do our best to ensure that it is, we do not promise or guarantee that it is. We are not responsible and will not be liable for any errors, omissions or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display, use or any links provided.